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Materials for Cabinet Refacing

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As with any part of the remodeling industry, no refacing job can be better than the quality of the materials and components used to complete the job.

On this page:

A list of available plywood species and thicknesses.

Flexible Wood Veneer
Species lists of adhesive-back (PSA) and non-adhesive veneers by stock or special order.

Wood Over Wood™ laminate description and species.

Paintable Phenolic
An excellent paint laminate option.

Custom Slit Veneer
Have Keystone custom cut your veneer order for you.



Plywood is available in most species for use as cabinet ends, soffits, facia etc., and can be ordered unfinished or prefinished in any of our standard stains.

Standard size for all plywood sheets is 24″ x 96″, with custom cutting available.

Plywood is available in the following thickneses and species.

Species 1/8″ 1/4″
Ash X
Cherry X X
Clear Pine X
Hickory X
Knotty Pine X
Mahogany X
Maple X
Red Oak X X
Walnut X
White Birch X X

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Flexible Wood Veneer

Available as follows:

Stock Species*
with 3M no. 468 Adhesive (PSA)

Ash, Flat Cut
Birch, White
Cherry, Flat Cut
Mahogany, Flat Cut
Maple, Flat Cut
Oak, Red, Flat Cut
Oak, White, Flat Cut
Pine, Knotty
Walnut, Flat Cut

Stock Species*
with 30 Mil Paper Back—No Adhesive

Ash, Flat Cut
Birch, White
Cherry, Flat Cut
Maple, Flat Cut
Oak, Red, Flat Cut

Special Order Only Species*
with 10 Mil Paper Back—No Adhesive

Birch, White
Cherry, Flat Cut
Maple, Flat Cut
Oak, Red, Flat Cut

Wood Phenolic Laminate (HPL)
No longer available through Keystone.

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WOW™ offers you…

…No Bubbling
…No Ridging
…No Phenolic or Foil Backer Lines
…Flexibility for Rolling, Shipping & Handling

Wood Over Wood™ laminate is composed of two wood veneer faces permanently bonded with the grain of the face running perpendicular to the grain of the back. The result is a dimensionally stable product which minimizes the wood veneer’s tendency to expand and contract across the grain. In addition, this unique cross-ply construction enables the product to be rolled and shipped like other veneers.

Available in 24″ x 96″ sheets and in these species:
Birch, White
Cherry, Flat Cut
Maple, Flat Cut
Oak, Red, Flat Cut

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Keystone’s Paintable Phenolic

An excellent laminate option—thin, easy to cut, non-cracking.

• Available in any solid color or custom paint color match
• Does not crack like wood veneer
• Thin and flexible (15 Ml)
• Easily cuts with a knife
• Maximize yield by cutting strips on any direction
• Available with or without PSA
• Light colored core

Cutting with a knife blade causes no saw blade loss.

ALWAYS allow your veneer to acclimate prior to use.

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Have Keystone Custom Cut Your Veneer Order

Available with any purchase of flexible wood veneer.

Custom Slit VeneerFor a small charge per sheet, Keystone will custom slit your veneer order for you.

• Save time
• Less waste
• Less hassle
• Save you money
• 3/4″ minimum width
• Available in 1/4″ increments
• A clean, straight cut on each edge

Slitting is done with a knife blade apparatus, so there is no saw blade loss.

Veneer orders are for full sheets only. Specify the number of sheets you want, and then tell us how you want your order slit.

Stock sheets are 24″ x 96″.
36″ sheets are available by special order.

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