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IMPORTANT: Keystone is not a finishing products wholesaler. The purpose for this section of our web site is to display a selection of the finishes available to our customers being a step in manufacturing their ordered custom components.

Please read our policy statement before inquiring about purchasing finishing materials.

Our Finishing Colors Online
It is impossible to catalog all of Keystone’s colors and finish combinations. Below are links to our standard sampling of finishings. If you don’t see what you need ask us, and please keep in mind, we also specialize in professional custom color matching. Just provide us with your color sample.

All doors, drawer fronts, moulding, face frames, veneer, etc. are available finished or non-finished. Our finishing process includes two coats of moisture-resistant catalyzed varnish.



Click the links below for examples of recommended finishes.

Finishes on Maple

Finishes on Cherry

Finishes on Red Oak

Paint—Whites and Grays

Paint—Other Solid Colors

Glazed Finishes

Color Sample Sets

Click here for information about various color sample options.


Antiquing Effects

Available with all finishes. Click on the image to enlarge.

Distressing: simulates worm holes, dents, and cracks creating a rustic, antique appearance. Done well—and not overdone—distressing adds to the beauty and character of rustic cabinetry. Sand-Thru: is an antiquing style where the solid color or stain is sanded through to reveal the natural wood beneath. The use of sap wood is highly recommended for this technique. Knob holes can be predrilled to your specifications, so that the Sand-Thru effect can be applied at the point of logical wear.
Weathering: mimics naturally weathered wood by removing the soft summer grain and revealing the texture of the hard winter grain. Combine with distressing, sand-thru or glaze for a custom look. Recommended on pine, white oak or red oak.

Purchasing Stain

Most of our standard colors are available in quarts and gallons.

  • Frost and Solid Paint Colors are not available for purchase.
  • Stain cannot be returned due to hazardous materials regulations.
  • A Hazmat fee is applied to each can that is shipped.

Stain Sales Policy

IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ BEFORE INQUIRING OR ORDERING— While Keystone operates a state of the art finishing facility, where we stain & finish orders for our customers as an option in production, we can NOT sell stains, varnishes or other finishing products to companies who are not currently having orders finished by us. Since we are not a finishing materials wholesaler and are therefore not geared to the liabilities that go along with that type of business, we only offer the sale of finishes to accommodate customers who need to finish other components to match our pre-finished products. If you have any questions about our policies or the finishing of the products you purchase from us, please call toll free (800) 233-0289 to talk to one of our customer service professionals. We are happy to serve you in any way we can.

Touch-Up Kits

A touch-up kit consisting of a felt tip stain marker and a fill stick is available to match our Standard Stain Colors. We recommend that you purchase a kit for each job and leave it with your customer for future use.

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